Hand Made - Home Made

Everything from Instant Beverage Mixes, Meat Rubs, and Spice Blends are blended by hand. Spice Grinders, Coffee Grinders and Mortar Pestles are lathed and made by hand. 

About us

Creating recipes and product that provides great flavor in a pinch or enhances the flavor of whatever you may be making.  We don't add any anti-clumping agents or preservatives to any of the product we make.  Everything we make is hand blended and handmade from our Instant Beverage mixes, Spice blends and Meat Rubs to our Spice Grinders, Coffee Grinders and Mortar/Pestle Bowls. 

About us

Have you ever ground your own coffee beans by hand. Enjoying the fresh ground smell and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you're done. You can get that amazing feeling when you purchase one of our handmade coffee grinders. 

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